These classes are on various subjects and are sometimes introductory in nature, and other times have an in-depth focus. Classes are taught by our pastors or members of our church family who have a background in adult education.


Understanding the Thessalonians Correspondence

Mondays, September 17 – November 19
7:00-8:45 pm  |  Room 201
Instructor Dr. Oliver Blosser
Cost: Free-will offering

The apostle Paul established many churches.  However, only six would receive a New Testament letter.  Along with Corinth, Thessalonica would be blessed with two inspired letters.  In the first correspondence, Paul speaks about the reputation of the church, outlines a review of the history of the church, provides the doctrinal teaching on the removal of the church by means of the Rapture, and concludes with the responsibility of believers in the church as they wait for the LORD’s coming.  In the second correspondence, Paul encourages them to wait for the LORD and their future glorification.  Being persecuted for their faith, he informs them that they are not enduring the wrath of the LORD; for the tribulation is yet future. He exhorts them to do the will of the LORD by living a consecrated life.  These two letters contain the major teachings of the Christian faith.  Join us for this ten week Bible study.

Build Wealth and Leave a Legacy

Mondays, September 17 – October 22 
6:30-8:00 pm  |  Youth Room
Faciliated by Taylor Pack

Do you ever wonder if you will be able to help your family financially in a way that will impact generations to come?  The Legacy Journey is a biblically based course that teaches you how to truly live and leave a long-lasting legacy.  Taught by Dave Ramsey, this 6-session course will teach you a biblical framework for building wealth, securing your family’s future, giving generously and leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Registration is free for those who have a Dave Ramsey Membership within the last year, $59 if you have an older membership and $109 if you have never taken a Financial Peace University class.  Please sign up in the Commons to reserve your spot.

History of the Modern State of Israel and the Middle East Conflict

Mondays, September 24 & October 1
7:00-9:00 pm  |  Room 108
Instructor Pastor Max Frazier

Bibbi Netanyahu vs. Mahmoud Abbas, the IDS vs. Hezbollah and Hamas, the Golan Heights and the West Bank. These terms describe the modern day conflicts in Israel.  How did we get to this place?  What is the origin of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?  Its roots go back deeply into history, to the latter half of the 1800s. Join us for these two Monday evenings as we seek to better understand this strategic conflict, from both an historical and biblical perspective.



Church History: Pentecost to the Reformation

Tuesdays, September 11 – November 13
7:00-8:30 PM  |  Room 201
Instructor Pastor Max Frazier

The birth of the Church is recorded in the books of Acts and we learn a lot about the early Church, its struggles and how it grew.  But then the biblical account ends and the Church continues.  The history of the Church is amazing, filled with great triumphs and failures.  Learn how the Church defined its core beliefs, faced various threats, spread to different parts of the world and split into different groups.  It’s an amazing story….come join us!


Deep Waters – Year Two: The Pastoral Epistles and Biblical Leadership

Wednesdays, September 12 – November 14
6:00-7:30 AM |  Room 200
Instructor Pastor Max Frazier

Does God have any criteria for those who desire to be leaders within the local church?  What is that criteria?  Does the New Testament offer any insight into God’s expectations for those in leadership positions within the local church?  The Pastoral Epistles, 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus, give us guidance into leadership roles within the local church.  We will spend time exploring words that describe such roles. We will also conclude with the final 11 “laws of leadership” with John Maxwell.  This Wednesday morning class is open to all men who would like to further develop their leadership abilities and gifts.

Malachi to Matthew: Between the Testaments

One Night Only – Wednesday, September 5
6:30-9:30 PM  | Room 201
Instructor Pastor Max Frazier

Between the pages of the Old and New Testament there is a 400 year time frame the Bible does not address. And yet major historical events happened during these centuries and it is helpful to understand the world history of the time as we seek to understand biblical history and the work of God. Join us for this interesting, information-packed class!