These classes are on various subjects and are sometimes introductory in nature, and other times have an in-depth focus. Classes are taught by our pastors or members of our church family who have a background in adult education.


Understanding Ephesians as a Ketubah

Mondays, January 21 – March 11
7:00-8:45 PM  |  Room 201
Instructor: Dr. Oliver Blosser
In ancient Jewish custom, before the bride and groom went under the chuppah (the canopy under which the marriage ceremony was performed), the ketubah (the marriage covenant) was read to them by the officiating rabbi. The ketubah was then signed and properly witnessed by those present. The ketubah represented a bill of rights for the Jewish woman.

The scroll of Ephesians can be viewed as a ketubah for the Bride of Messiah. Ephesians 1-3 outlines what Messiah Jesus has done for His future Bride, the Church. This is the wealth of the Bride — her every spiritual blessing. Ephesians 4-6 states what Messiah Jesus expects of His Bride.This is a call for the Bride to walk faithfully in light of her spiritual wealth.

The Hebraic marriage patterns will be examined in order to better understand the ketubah in context as well as the Second Coming of Jesus.  Join us for this 8-week study of Ephesians.


Living Sacred Lives in a Secular World

Mondays, March 18 – May 6
6:30-8:00 PM  |  Room 201
Instructor: Pastor Geoff Bohleen
As followers of Jesus we are called to live holy, distinct lives that honor God in every way.  But we live in a world that is filled with varied beliefs about life, faith and God.  Much of what we see around us does not acknowledge or honor God and it is often difficult to understand what to think and how to best respond.  We will study and discuss how the world tends to squeeze us into its mold and how to respond to that challenge. We will discuss how to discern the impact secular thinking is making upon our lives as individuals and as a church.  We will also study and discuss how to live sacred lives that impact those who do not yet know Jesus.  Come and join the conversation!



Church History: Pentecost to the Reformation

Tuesdays, January 8 – March 19
7:00-8:30PM  |  Room 201
Instructor: Pastor Max Frazier
The birth of the Church is recorded in the books of Acts and we learn a lot about the early Church, its struggles and how it grew.  But then the biblical account ends and the Church continues. The history of the Church is amazing, filled with great triumphs and failures. Learn how the Church defined its core beliefs, faced various threats, spread to different parts of the world and split into different groups.  It’s an amazing story…come join us!



Deep Waters, Year Two – The Pastoral Epistles and Biblical Leadership

Wednesdays, January 9 – March 26
6:00-7:30 AM  |  Room 200
Instructor: Pastor Max Frazier
Does God have any criteria for those who desire to be leaders within the local church? What is that criteria? Does the New Testament offer any insight into God’s expectations for those in leadership positions within the local church? The Pastoral Epistles, 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus, give us guidance into leadership roles within the local church. We will spend time exploring words that describe such roles. We will also conclude with the final 11 “laws of leadership” with John Maxwell. This Wednesday morning class is open to all men who would like to further develop their leadership abilities and gifts.