Most Sunday Adult Classes are held during the school year. You may drop in any time and check it out.

9:30 AM

Legacy Grandparenting

Sundays,  through November 18
9:30 AM  |  Room 108
Facilitated by: Dwayne and Lois Kettenacker, Jeff and Tammy Oliver and Grant and Diane Bowman

Grandparenting is a great privilege and a unique opportunity.  Learn what the Bible teaches about grandparenting and insights on how to pass faith from generation to generation.  Using insightful and practical DVD teaching segments and group discussion this class will challenge and encourage you to make a lasting difference in the lives of your grandchildren.

Current Events and Prophecy

Sunday, December 2
9:30 AM  | Gym
Instructor: Dennis Lingo

In Mark 13:37 Jesus said, “What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’” But what exactly are we to watch for? Jesus and the prophets told us of events that would be happening in the future as the 2nd Advent drew near.  Is it possible that this generation is witnessing many of these events that were foretold?  Let’s discuss these things using our Bibles and today’s headlines as we “encourage each other with these words.” (1 Thessalonians 4:18)

The Evangelism Toolbox

Sundays, October 28, November 11 & November 18
9:30 AM  |  Room 106
Instructor: Pastor Geoff Bohleen

One of the incredible privileges God gives us is the opportunity to introduce people to Jesus.  It is one of the best gifts we can give anyone and yet we often pause before talking about Jesus because we are not sure what to do and are afraid to “fail”.  Join us as we study God’s heart for all people and how we can personally and effectively be a witness for Jesus, so others will know the hope and joy we already have found through a faith relationship with Jesus Christ.

God’s Vision for His Church

Sundays, December 2-December 16
9:30 AM  |  Room 201
Instructor: Pastor Geoff Bohleen

The Bible speaks of the Church as the “bride of Christ” and He loves it dearly.  We are the Church and it is important to know what the Bible teaches about the Church and its purpose.

The world desperately needs the Church to be healthy and strong because its impact is meant to be world-changing.  Join us as we study and discuss this important part of our faith life.


11:00 AM

Preparing Your Child for Healthy Relationships and Marriage

 Sundays, through December 16
11:00 AM  |  Youth Room
Instructor: Pastor Geoff Bohleen

Many parents find it difficult to talk with their children about dating and marriage, especially in age-appropriate ways.  And yet, these conversations are necessary and often need to occur before we feel like we are ready!  This class will help you prepare so you are ready.  We will look at biblical truth and guidelines for relationships and marriage and talk about practical ways to make these important conversations helpful and memorable!