Buffalo Covenant Church joins families in recognizing and celebrating the spiritual growth and development of our children. Special events that mark spiritual growth can help children and their parents establish lasting milestone markers that will guide a child into a future of faith.

Our celebration of the spiritual formation process for preschoolers through grade five is designed around a simple path called Milestones. All six of our Milestone events are designed to help families celebrate the progress of their children as they grow in their faith. These Milestone events are seminars for kids and their parents to teach key disciplines of the Christian faith.

Each Milestone event is offered once a year and are announced well in advance so parents can plan to participate with their children.

Milestone #1: Blessings  –  1 & 2 Year Olds

Milestone #2: Prayer & Devotions – 3 & 4 Year Olds

Milestone #3: Worship – Kindergarten

Milestone #4: The Gospel – First Grade

Milestone #5: Communion – Second Grade

Milestone #6: The Bible – Third Grade

Milestone #7: The Family – Fourth Grade

Milestone #8: Service – Fifth Grade

Milestone #9: Salvation – Any Age

For more information about Milestone events, please contact Pastor Mary.