Esther: A Queen for the Moment

August 5, 2018 Max Frazier Series: The Thread of Redemption

The Book of Esther is unique in that it is the only book within the Bible that does not mention the name of God – not even once.  Yet one cannot fail to see the hand of God at work from the very early verses.  Esther is the story of how God used a young woman to spare the lives of an entire people from destruction.  Esther is the story of how Satan sought to destroy the family of Abraham, thus destroying as well the promised line of redemption through the family of David.  A holocaust of huge proportions was imagined by Haman.  Yet God orchestrated the removal of a queen so that Esther could fill that role and be used as a tool to thwart Haman’s wicked plans.  Esther is the story of an old man who refused to bend his knee in worship to anyone except to the living God.  From the story of Esther the Jewish Feast of Purim is created.  God always keeps His promises.