Jesus & Nicodemus: The New Birth

January 13, 2019 Max Frazier Series: The Thread of Redemption

This is a very familiar story that occurred rather early in His ministry.  This secret encounter with Nicodemus took place following the first of many miracles that Jesus performed.  The wedding at Cana was the setting for the first miraculous moment – water was turned into wine.  We want to ask ourselves this question: Why was this the first miracle of Jesus?  Leaving Cana, Jesus goes to Jerusalem where He creates quite an uproar in the Temple itself.  Perhaps it was this display that caused Nicodemus, a religious leader, to seek out Jesus.  Jesus quickly turned the conversation to focus upon the real need of Nicodemus: he needed to be born again.  We often use this term so glibly, but what does it really mean?  How can a person truly be born again?