Nahum, Zephaniah, and Habakkuk: Voices of Doom, Voices of Hope

June 10, 2018 Max Frazier Series: The Thread of Redemption

These three little prophetic books are among the least recognized within the Minor Prophets, yet their message is relative to our world today.  Nahum’s target audience is the nation of Assyria, specifically its capital of Ninevah.  Nahum declares that God’s judgment will soon be poured out upon that nation.  Yet, within its few verses, we observe the tension between God’s judgment and God’s grace.  The prophet Zephaniah focuses upon the coming “day of the Lord.”  It will be a day of incredible darkness and suffering.  The judgment of God is always expressed in those strong terms.  The consequences of sin are terrible.  Yet, Zephaniah 3:17 contains a powerful message of hope and grace.  Finally, Habakkuk is a record of the prophet’s struggle with God.  That struggle is highlighted in chapter 1 with a series of angry outbursts to God asking for the reason for the suffering and pain in the world around him.  God’s response is truly not satisfying, yet the prophet decides to wait and watch and trust for God’s answer.  In the process, Habakkuk cultivates a strong faith.  It is that strong faith that brings the book to its climax.