Nehemiah: The Builder of the Wall

August 14, 2018 Max Frazier Series: The Thread of Redemption

The Book of Nehemiah is one of the greatest books on leadership ever written.  It is a book that our Deep Waters Classes study carefully.  It is the story of a man whose heart aches because the walls of the city of Jerusalem have not been rebuilt – even after nearly a century since the exiles have returned home.  This heartache becomes a strong vision.  Through his incredible leadership, the walls of the city are rebuilt in just 52 days.  Nehemiah encountered many problems, yet his favorite phrase was “the hand of God was upon him.”  And so it was.  We will focus most of our time upon chapters 8-10 which is one of the clearest descriptions of the keys to a revival that we have anywhere in the Bible.  And it all begins with the Word of God.