Our Mission

Our Mission is to Glorify God by Being Disciples Who Make Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Values

We are called to help people…


Know the Word through worship and study.


Live the Word at home and in the community.


Share the Word through service and mission.

Our Ministry Principles

We are guided by the following principles:

We are God-Honoring

All that we do in life is to bring honor and glory to God alone.

We are Bible-Based

The Bible is God’s loving revelation of himself to us, our source of truth, our authority and our guide for living.

We are Family-Equipping

We believe the primary setting for spiritual growth is the family. We are committed to equipping and encouraging parents, grandparents, other family and friends so they can disciple children in their sphere of influence.

We are Outreach-Oriented

We are passionate about introducing people to Jesus. Resisting the tendency to focus on ourselves, we choose to love, serve, and share with others the love and good news about Jesus.

We are Disciple-Making

We are committed to making disciples. Acknowledging Jesus as Savior and Lord, we seek to apply his example and teaching to every facet of our lives. We also seek to equip parents to disciple their children and friends to disciple one another.

We are Generously-Minded

God has blessed us so we can bless others. We will be generous with our love, our time, our energy and our finances.