Romans Part Two

Tuesdays, January 4 // 6:30-8 pm // Worship Center // Pastor Max Frazier

What is the link between Augustine, Martin Luther, and John Wesley? It is the impact the Book of Romans had upon their lives. For Augustine and John Wesley, the message within Romans created a hunger for God that resulted in salvation; for Martin Luther, that same message ignited a fire within his soul that literally changed the world. The Book of Romans contains this very message of the Gospel.

Visionary Marriage with Rob Rienow

Sundays, January 9 – February 6 // 10:10 am // Youth Room

God has a mission for you as husband and wife. Join us to discover it!

Learn how to capture a God-sized vision for your marriage with insightful marriage advice meant to draw you and your spouse closer to God and to each other. Learn why God brought you together as a couple and how to see the biblical mission and purpose for your family. Learn more at 

This is a five-week video series facilitated by Pastor Janine and Pastor Joel.

Faith Foundations

Sundays, January 9 // 10:10 am // Room 106

Tuesdays, January 11 // 6:30-8:30 pm // Room 202

Building a strong foundation, rooted in God’s word, is essential to experiencing a faith that lasts and grows. Faith Foundations will be facilitated by retired Pastor Don Muilenburg, who is passionate about helping people of all ages find these building blocks that will help their faith flourish. Class and materials, including a new Bible, are completely free of charge.

Becoming a Counter Revolutionist

Sundays, January 16 // 6 – 7 pm // Worship Center // Pastor Max Frazier

It seems that, no matter where we look today, those foundations that have made Western Civilization strong have been assaulted by forces seeking their destruction. At its heart, this is a conflict between competing worldviews and philosophies. Absolute Truth has been cast aside in favor of personal opinion and what once was wrong, is now considered to be right. The world seems to have become a confused and chaotic place. Yet, for the follower of Jesus Christ, the command to be salt and light in this world has not changed. How can followers become successful in the midst of the assault? The answer is simple, and yet profound: “…I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.” (Jude 3). Jude declares that we are in a battle–a counter-revolution, if you will. Join us to learn how to see the world from a biblical viewpoint.

Holy Sexuality and the Gospel

Mondays, January 24 – March 14 // 6:30-8 pm // Room 106 // Pastor Joel McQueen

How can we better walk with truth and grace alongside a fellow Christian with same-sex attractions? Join Pastor Joel as he facilitates a class based on Christopher Yuan’s book Holy Sexuality and the Gospel. This class will offer theological and practical insights that lead us to find our identity in Christ, not our sexuality. It will also help you better understand sexuality in light of God’s grand story and realize that holy sexuality is actually good news for all. The class will culminate with a seminar with Christopher Yuan and his mother, Angela, on March 19-20, 2022 at BCC.

Cost for class and book is $10

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Biblical Prophesy with Oliver Blosser

Mondays, February 7 – March 21 // 6:30-8 pm // Room 108

You are invited on a seven-week journey into the future of unfulfilled Biblical prophecy through the writings of the Hebrew prophets and the apostles of Jesus. We will study what Jesus predicted about the future prior to His glorious appearing and see how Scripture interprets Scripture without spin or speculation. Consider taking this seven week course in prophetic study.

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Every Man’s Battle

Tuesdays, February 8 – March 15 // 6:30 pm // Room 201 // Dave Macalena

In a world of sensual images, men are battling against the temptations of pornography and internet infidelity, often drowning in addiction, defeat, and shame. But there is victory in the battle for sexual integrity! Join Dave Macalena in a class based on Every Man’s Battle, which reveals a detailed strategy to help win the war against sexual sin.

Cost for class and book is $10

Register for class HERE