These classes are on various subjects and are sometimes introductory in nature, and other times have an in-depth focus. Classes are taught by our pastors or members of our church family who have a background in adult education.


Deep Waters—The Truth Project

Jan. 8—April 15
Wednesday Mornings  |  6:00–7:15 a.m.

Pastor Max will be leading this video study of Worldview and Apologetics. The series was produced by Focus on the Family and features Dr. Del Tackett as the guest presenter. We will be studying such topics as: What is truth? Who is man? Who is God? What does the Bible say about life and its origins? Is there a biblical understanding of government? Some homework will be assigned in order to be prepared for class discussion following the video lessons. If you are interested, please e-mail Pastor Max.

Faith Foundations

March 10–April 28
Tuesday Evenings | 6:00–7:30 p.m. | Room 201
Facilitator: Don Muilenburg

Building a strong foundation, rooted in God’s word, is essential to experiencing a faith that lasts and grows. Join us for this 8 week journey, beginning on Tuesday March 10th, to start building a solid foundation. Faith Foundations is facilitated by retired Pastor Don Muilenburg, who is passionate about helping all ages find the building blocks that will help their faith flourish. Class materials include a new Bible at no cost. To register, please contact Don Muilenburg or Dave Macalena.

Ruth and the Boaz Blessing

April 6–May 18
Monday Evenings  | 7:00–8:45 p.m. | Room 201
Facilitator: Dr. Oliver Blosser

It has been said of the scroll of Ruth that no poet in all the world has written a more beautiful short story. It is Hebrew drama at its best. It is the only scroll of the Bible devoted entirely to the history of a woman. Ruth became the greatest Gentile woman covert to Judaism. The theme provides the reader with the Hebraic concept of redemption. The scroll also reveals the power of the Boaz blessing—”May the LORD be with you!” or “The LORD is with you!” This blessing changed Ruth’s life forever, for Ruth became the great grandmother of King David and an ancestor of the LORD Jesus, the Messiah. Join us during April and May to study this amazing Hebrew drama.