Bryan Osborne, author & speaker at Answers In Genesis, will join us for a two day conference focused on the biblical view of creation. Sessions for all ages will be available. Bryan Osborne holds a master’s degree in the Art of Teaching from Lee University. He taught Bible history in the public school for 13 years, and has been teaching Christians to defend their faith for nearly 20 years. See session details below.

October 10-11, 2021 at Buffalo Covenant Church

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Sunday, October 10

9 & 11 am Worship Services // The Genesis of the Gospel
6 pm General Session // The Age of the Earth, Trusting Man’s word or God’s
7:30 pm General Session // Noah’s Ark & Flood, Washing Away Millions of Years

Monday, October 11

9 am K-6 Student Session // The Big Deal about Dinosaurs!
10:30 am 7-12 Student Session // Quick Answers to Tough Questions
6:30 pm General Session // Dinosaurs, Dragons, & the Bible
8 pm General Session // One Race, One Blood, One Savior