10:10–10:50 am


Sundays, Feb 19 – April 16 // 10:10 am // Gym

Come learn how to keep your testimony strong in the face of social changes, media influences, and political messaging that can distort our understanding of the Gospel. Lawyer and teacher Bill Everett leads this quest to understand the “culture war” and to find Christ’s answers on how to engage others. This class will take a stimulating look at topics such as history, politics, ethics, theology and evangelism. 

Sundays // 10:10 am // Room 200

Faith Foundations is an eight-week course that teaches you how to study the Bible, engage in spiritual warfare to overcome obstacles, pray, and stay in a growing relationship with God. This course is facilitated by the Elders of BCC and is for all ages and stages of faith but is especially important for those who want to grow in their relationship with God and do not know where to start. This is where you start–by laying a foundation for faith to flourish. 

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Ministry Spotlights give you a chance to hear overviews and updates from our BCC ministries and our ministry partners, as well as an occasional class. Ministry Spotlight is held in the BCC Gym at 10:10 am.