Track Classes are a great opportunity for students to dig deeper into the Word and explore the truths of God’s promises. The youth staff has created a five-year program of study that will equip our young people to have a successful walk with the Lord. Studies include: Old Testament (1st year), New Testament (2nd year), Christian Worldview (3rd year), Bible Customs & Geography (4th year), and Apologetics (5th year). Classes run through the school year, September through April/May.

101 – Old Testament Survey

Year one, 8th grade confirmation, is a comprehensive study of the Old Testament. Students will be challenged to memorize scripture, learn main truths and themes, and effectively write and communicate thruths from Biblical texts. This course is designed not only to confirm the faith of the participants, but also encourage students to begin a lifelong journey of discipleship, learning from elders, peers, and ultimately grow into a learner of Jesus Christ.

201 – New Testament and Bible Doctrine

9th grade year, semester one is a New Testament survey course highlighting key themes in each book. Students will discuss the Scriptures, write papers for understanding and application, and memorize key verses. In semester two, students will study the major tenets of the Christian faith culminating in writing their own statement of faith. At the end of this year, the students who have completed all requirements will be confirmed.

301 – Developing a Biblical Worldview

Confirmed students are given the option of continuing on in the series. Year three is a comprehensive comparison of the prevailing worldview of Humanism/Secularism with the strong teachings from the Bible. Students will interact with one another about such questions as: Is there a God? What is the origin of man? Why is there suffering in the world? What is faith? Students will also be challenged to write papers outlining their positions on current issues from a Biblical viewpoint.

401 – Bible Geography and Jewish Customs

Students who have completed the previous three years will be prepared to pursue the next course, Bible geography and Jewish customs. The language of the Bible is bound by culture and time. The lands of the Bible- Egypt, the desert, the Promised Land – shaped the writers and the people of the Bible. Understanding scripture goes beyond knowing definitions. It means familiarizing oneself with experiences and images from the cultures of the time. Students will be walking in the sandals of the men and women that walked the Holy Lands.

501 – Apologetics

Apologetics is the ability to share not only your faith, but the reasons for your faith. It is more than experiences, it is knowing those foundational Biblical truths that give strength to your faith. It seeks to answer questions like: “Why do I believe the Bible is the Word of God?” “Why do I believe in an eternal, sovereign God?” “Where did man really come from and does he have a soul?” “What is my purpose for living?” The answers to these kinds of questions will give strength to your beliefs and faith story.

Summer Trip to the Holy Lands

The capstone to this 5-year series is a summer trip to Israel, where students will be able to apply and connect all their biblical studies with physical people and places.

Standard destinations may include: Caesarea, Mt Arbel (overlooking the Sea of Galilee), Mt. of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Mt. of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Mt. Zion, the Upper Room, Masada, En Gedi, Dead Sea, Qumran, the Temple Mount, etc.