Child Dedications

The Bible says that a baby is a blessing from God. When you decide to dedicate your son or daughter, you are acknowledging the awesome responsibility God has given you in raising your child. Child Dedication is a ceremony that expresses your desire as parents to raise your son or daughter in the ways of the Bible and to ask God to use your son or daughter for his purposes. When you dedicate your child, you are basically saying to Jesus, “We present our baby to you. We seek your blessing in this child’s life!”

Child Dedications are a part of our Sunday morning church worship and are scheduled regularly. Please call or or email the Church Office for more information or to arrange to have your child included in the next Child Dedication service.


Buffalo Covenant holds to the tradition of believer baptism for those who have committed to Christ as their Lord and Savior receiving new birth in Christ. This position stresses the sequence of hearing, repenting, and believing as the act of new birth. It is symbolic of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. This leads to baptism as the outward sign of the inner new birth of the believer. In baptism the believer makes public, often by immersion, the witness to this conversion and a pledge of his or her discipleship.

Buffalo Covenant Church practices both believer baptism and infant baptism. Believer baptism is scheduled once each year during the summer. Infant baptisms occur as needed throughout the year. Please call or email the Church Office for more information or to make an appointment with a Pastor.