Partnering with Parents to Celebrate a Child’s Steps of Faith

There is no more fertile ministry field than Children’s Ministry. Children have not been hardened by disappointment and sin. They have not been choked by the cares of this world, and they haven’t had years of exposure to the lies of enemy. 

Children also grow up so fast, and the window of ministry opportunity is very small! It’s vitally important that we be intentional in the process of bringing them to adulthood as healthy, capable leaders of the Kingdom of God. Part of the challenge in doing this is encouraging parents to embrace their Godly responsibility. That is the reason for the Milestones for Kids! This program has 2 objectives:

1. We want to join families in recognizing and celebrating the spiritual growth and development of their children. 

2. We want to encourage and involve parents in the spiritual development of their children.

All of our Milestones are designed to help families celebrate the faith progress of their children, and are an opportunity for church leaders to partner with the parents in the training and instruction of their children.

NOTE: You do not need a Dropbox account to download the Milestone Curriculum. After clicking on the link below, you will be prompted with an option to create an account, but you can simply click on the “No Thanks” option and you will then be directed to the download option.

Download the Introduction to the Milestones curriculum here for free!

Milestones Introduction

Download Milestone #1–Prayer & Devotions for 3 & 4 Year Olds & Their Parents here for free!

Milestone #1–Prayer & Devotions

Download Milestone #2–Worship for Kindergarten Age Children & Their Parents here for free!

Milestone #2–Worship