Over the years, I have found myself often looking to my job to define me and give me purpose. During this time at home with everyone, God has blessed me by opening my heart to realize that my daily purpose isn’t related to my job, but is rooted in following Him and being present with my kids.

I am seeing how integrating myself into the small moments of their day means the world to them, and to me. It’s not the big gestures they will remember the most, it’s all the seemingly small things added up that shape their view of me as a dad and follower of Christ. And it’s how they feel when we spend even small amounts of time together that will shape how they view themselves and life as they grow up. They won’t feel valued and loved from me making them second place to my to-do list or from me giving them a lot of gifts or entertainment options. But, they WILL feel valued and loved when I make the effort to be present with them completely instead of being there physically but distracted by the endless lists, work issues, and tv and sports.

My kids don’t need fancy toys or trips. What they will remember the most are the Nerf gun wars, cuddling before bedtime, building forts and contraptions, playing vet with the stuffies, reading and coloring together, learning new skills together, having all their rapid-fire questions answered without me being annoyed. I am finding joy, value and personal purpose in being with my kids, and I’m so blessed to have our time together feel like a gift from the Lord instead of just another part of the day to accomplish.