A Problem Solved; New Leadership Commissioned

July 7, 2019 Max Frazier Series: The Thread of Redemption

I’ve always found it very interesting that the very first problem that threatened the Early Church did not concern theology or doctrine. It concerned racial prejudices! And it concerned food! Now, from first glance, it would seem that this would be a simple problem to resolve, yet finding that resolution was taking valuable time away from the focus of the Apostles on preaching, teaching, and praying. So, for the first time in the history of the Early Church, there is a transference of authority and accountability to someone else. Seven men, full of the Spirit and wisdom, were chosen to bring this problem to a peaceful resolution. This scene is important for us as we get insights into how problems can and should be handled in today’s church. As one pastor explained it: “Problems are the prelude to new discoveries if we simply ask the Holy Spirit to help us.”