The Journey Deeper into Greece with the Gospel

November 24, 2019 Max Frazier Series: The Thread of Redemption

From Philippi, Paul and Silas traveled to Thessalonica where they had mixed results from sharing the Gospel. Some people are eager to hear, while others are just as eager to condemn. The fears of rejection can be overwhelming, yet God desires trust and not fear. Next was the city of Berea where they found students eager to study the Word. They wanted to claim ownership for biblical truth. No wonder they were more “noble” than others. Finally, Paul traveled to Athens, one of the leading educational centers of that day. Here Paul engages the philosophers with dialogue about “an unknown god.” Paul shares with them just who that “unknown god” truly is. Again, we have some who are eager to hear more, while others want nothing to do with the Truth. God does not ask us to seek for results, but to merely sow the seeds.